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Episode 22: Season 2 Update

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of Chat with Brandy, a weekly show where we talk personal & business finance, taxes, and how to make money while doing what you love! I’m your host, bookkeeper and tax preparer Brandy Miron, and this is episode 22 AND the first episode of Season 2!

This episode was short and sweet – a catch-up if you will! During the break, I’ve been busily working on ideas of more valuable information to bring to the show and all of you.

Updates on ME!

I plan to run Season 2 from now until the end of January, on Tuesdays at 2pm Alberta time. I plan to bring on a lot of special guests this season to share their knowledge – here’s a sneak peek:

  • Time & Stress Management for Entrepreneurs

  • Teaching Your Kids about Money

  • Credit Management

  • When Debt gets to be Too Much

  • Different ways shareholders can take money out of their business

  • Retirement Planning


Now, I have 15 episodes this season, and they are filling up fast with guest spots BUT I do have a few spaces left available. If you or somebody you know has an interesting and valuable message for my audience (those interested in personal and small business finance, budgeting, entrepreneurial struggles, Canadian tax, and organizing their busy lives), please e-mail us at!

Another update from me – I now have a new client meeting space!

I also have now taken on a part-time employee – my wonderful husband Cory! He’s mostly working behind the scenes but maybe one day we’ll get him in front of the camera 😉. Cory’s support is vital in my growing business and making sure I can still deliver the same level of service to all of you, so this is a big exciting step for us!

I hope you’re as excited about this upcoming season as I am because I know that the information I’ll be sharing will be helpful in your small business or financial wellness journey. See you next week!


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